Kanal 5

From ladybirds to space

This is an ident for the Swedish Channel, Kanal 5.

We zoom out from the tiny world of bugs into space where even earth doesn't look that big. There's a number of animated characters in the commercial, bugs, birds and also a vast amount of models.

Our initial task was to create the vegetation for Th1ng's wider forest scenes, but then it has expanded into creating the entire ladybug scene and doing additional modeling/animation for the space scene.

For the forest VUE has been used to create a matching landscape with the other high quality elements.

Production Company - Th1ng

Director - Alon Ziv / Th1ng /

Project Title - Kanal 5 'Urban Planet'

Genre - TV Ident

Post Production/VFX - Th1ng / CRUISER VFX