An animated lightbulb

An other masterpiece, directed by Th1ng director, Kirk Hendry.

Almost the whole story takes place in one location - in a miniature bedroom, where our character sleeps.

We have built and textured the beautiful interior of the room and modelled the lightbulb character based on provided designs, which was brought to life by Th1ng's animator Cz in the form of character animation combined with some beautiful cloth simulation.

We also built the exterior of the building surrounded with flowers and hedges.

Th1ng's talented compositor, Sean Martin finalized the look and added final touches to complete this great work.

Production Company - Th1ng

Director - Kirk Hendry / Th1ng /

Project Title - Intermezzo 'Lightbulb guy'

Genre - Commercial

Post Production/VFX - Th1ng / CRUISER VFX